Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gapage007: cnuhrme?

Please excuse the wonky audio, note to self: check the recorder settings before hitting the record button.

Show Notes

Brent complains about the TTC and people being so apathetic about politics and then complains about old people complaining about young people.
the leak of the Apache Helicopter video of US soldiers firing on civilians. This is the apology letter that Brent mentions.
people’s lack of independance and reliance on government and what it will do when/if “it all falls apart”. The safety of modern industrialized society is just an illusion.
We discuss new TV shows.
We’re concerned about whether or not anyone actually listens to this show. Leave a comment to let us know you’re out there.
the tea partiers infilitration of local governments and the long term ramifications of it
the ridiculous law in Australia that bans porn with small breasted women because of child porn, this is what happens when the smart people are apathetic and the crazies are not
Maybe we’ll be less apathetic about pot legalization
Larry King’s interview with Willie Nelson
Brent talks about the Bearslayer and his Latvian heritage.
Brent discusses his pseudonym, TCG Sterling and his new podcast, Colours Out Of Space.
Closing Song: A.R.M. - Fear of the Mundane ft. Slug