Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gapage039: Bozos on Beaus

Long time listener Jason Reese
Unfortunately, the detailed shownotes for this episode were lost in a fire which was later eaten by a dog.


  1. If this was The Showhole, I would have gone with either "Like Mine But Bigger" or "You're From The Past!" as potential titles for this one.

    On the subject of the podcasting community, which I find to be quite a good talking point, it seemed to be fading when I started listening way back when - long before I picked up a recorder and started blabbing into it. We make new communities to try to keep things going when the old communities fade out. Of course, no one is using the word "fault" and that is a harsh word but I can't think of a better word so here goes - the "fault" (or maybe catalyst is a better word) for the changes in the community lies with the established community breaking down and that happens prior to and independently of the new community being built up. If new voices didn't take the place of the ones that silenced themselves first, the community would die a quick death!

  2. A comment! OMG - we got a comment!! An intelligent one at that. Interesting point - the old making way for the new, but as a gradual transition. It's like so many things in life, always the need for 'new blood' to keep them going. And that's so often tied to 'burnout', when others tire of carrying the load. In podcasting, it seems life creates life, and it does become self-sustaining.